Oldtimer Award

It is hard to believe that another year has come and, bascially, gone. Another year older and, hopefully, wiser.

Speaking of “older,” earlier today at the iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, the 7th annual ASPY Awards were handed out. The ASPY Awards were established in 2003 by the “Aspen Group” which is comprised of senior agency executives who first started meeting at iMedia events a number of years ago. The awards are given to publishers and technology service providers in the categories of “Best Customer Services,” Best Innovation,” Best New App,” “Best Overall Partner,” and an individual award for “Oldtimer of the Year Award.”

As a regular at iMedia events – I couldn’t be at this week’s Agency Summit, damn schedule – the Aspen Group determined me as a candidate for the Oldtimer of the Year Award. This award is like the Oscars’ Lifetime Achievement award for the person from the publisher side that contributed the most to moving the industry, and the iMedia Summits, forward over the years.

While I wasn’t thrilled to be thought of as an Oldtimer, I was incredibly honored to be a nominee and winner of the Oldtimer of the Year Award! Wow! Thank you, I’m speechless, well, almost.

Chris Cunningham
Co-founder and CEO

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