Virtual Goods and Currency: Real Dollars Add Up

real-dollars-add-upappssavvy has been featured in eMarketer’s latest report by Paul Verna, Virtual Goods and Currency: Real Dollars Add Up. The report talks about how a formula appssavvy pioneered – specifically, our recently released Social Activity Index – can be used to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns. For example, one brand was able to determine that they received 7.3 times more interaction than an equivalent-costing banner only campaign.

On top of that, the report includes a great quote from our Co-founder and President, Michael Burke, on why people pay real money for virtual goods:

“I look at it as not much different than 20 years ago when I used to go to the arcade and spend $20 on a roll of coins. I’d get those coins and then go play different games. Virtual goods are the same in that they allow you to keep playing the game. People buy virtual currency or mall cash or farm cash— whatever it may be—and use that currency to get more playing time or higher levels than the next player.”

For more information or to buy the report, click here.

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